12 July 2017 Write offs of PAYE deductions $43827.32

This was the final leg of a 3-year task. The company was well behind in its filing obligations and it was associated with numerous other family owned companies, all seriously behind in filing. The client came to us as their Central Auckland Chartered Accountant had stopped doing any work – he was not getting paid, but was also not owed a lot, and liquidation and prosecution was looming via Inland Revenue. This scant regard for what could have ended 6 family owned businesses stressed our client out. It turned out the Chartered Accountant had no resources or knowledge to sort out the situation

We engaged in dialogue, brought the 2014 accounts up to date and then commenced work with Inland Revenue to arrange to pay off the massive tax debt in a structured way. It took some years to achieve this working with the client each month and handling the repayment plan and payments.

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