What our clients have to say!

Good Morning David.
WOWWWW!!!!! Thank you so much, that is the best result!!!!
GST monthly cost sounds great.
Thank you once again
LSW 8 May 24

As always thank you David.
Thanks for always fighting in my corner mate.
MHP 13 April 2024

“I have attached to this email a response to your proposal to address change to your clients situation. I can confirm Inland Revenue will agree to an adjournment to allow the proposed plan to play out.
I am positive that we may actually be able to do this!
9 Nov 21. JP IRD Officer handling a Large Liquidation matter I was engaged in.

“Mate your’e a legend.”
4 Dec 21. MHPL

“Once again many thanks Dave and also to your team”
10 May 22. KWCL

"Words cannot express my appreciation. Thanks for going an extra mile.
All praises and thanks to God.
You have been so incredible from beginning to end.
I very much appreciate your support during this challenging time. Thank you so much for being there for me. It means more than I can say.
I really appreciate you for always being available when i need you and you immediately respond.
Thank you for all of the help you have given me. Can't thank you enough.
I feel like you had been sent as an angel sent by God to guide us in every step as I had lost hope. May God bless you with all the happiness and joy in your life. May God bestow you with a prosperous and joyous long life! 🙏
Thank you once again."
FA 17 Nov 21

"I Appreciate your help and Knowledge.
And service."
Kind Regards
Vincent Brown, 2 Nov 21

"Thanks for all your work David.
I hope you’re hanging in there.
Christelle, 30 Sept 21"

"I really appreciate your support and it may sound weird, but having you on board makes me feel safe. It feels like I have someone who is super knowledgeable and so reliable, the big things that come my way are not as scary haha! "
- Luzette, 10 November 2020

"We are very pleased to have you represent us in doing our accounts. On behalf of my company my son and myself. Thank you David you made it all possible. A pleasure working with you."
- V Brown, 31 Oct 20

"Good morning Dave,
The transition from previous accountant was very smooth, even though you had received absolute minimum from them. You have a wealth of experience and your knowledge is second to none. your rates are very competitive and overall customer service is one of the best I have ever received. All in all, I would highly recommend FAL to anyone looking for a well established, professional, friendly and dedicated accountant service."

Azhar 1 May 2020
This comment relates to an arduous and very detailed submission for a client with $200k of tax debt and penalties which his former and current Chartered Accountant have not been able to attend to.

"David I have read the submission which I think is brilliant. I love your work.
- GH. Chartered Accountant
Akl - Oct 2019

"You are a true legend David"
Miles   11 Sept 2019

"Thanks again DC. Appreciate having you as my accountant, I really appreciate that you took me on as a client thanks for your input and I won't let you down cause I know you care about your clients, cheers"
- Clint

"Hi Dave yes that sounds good. Appreciate your work thank you."
- Isaac. 03 September 2019

"Thanks heaps David, I really appreciate the work you do for me"
- MH 03 Sept 2019

"Hey David... thanks for the great results much appreciated!"
- Clint 16 Jul 2019

"Hi David, Many Many thanks for doing that for me. I really appreciate it. The refund will be great I will return it to you with some extra. money lol.
Kind regards."
- Joyce. 16 July 2019

"Hi David
Thank you so much for looking after me
- Mila 21 May 2019

"I have always appreciated everything you've  done and  you have my upmost respect and confidence. Cheers Dave"
- David G 15 May 2019

"I want to thank you for all of your help over the last ten years - wow that's a looong time. You have always been there answering the endless questions that I have asked, often the same question in different ways.  You see it's always been important for me to understand what's happening with the accounts.
So thank you David. I do appreciate your offer to answer the odd question while I cease trading, but I'm hoping I've got a handle on it now, but it's good to have back up"
- Wendy 19 May 2019

Hi David
That's sad Yvette is leaving. She has been a real good help for me. and so are you. We wish her all the best
- Cristine 24 April 2019

Hi Dave,
"Thank you for your hard work".
- IS 18 April 2019

"Morning again Dave, Just wanted to say a big thank you for your availability and providing me with your expert knowledge!
You're a GEM!
Hope you are keeping well"
- WH 18 Feb 2019

"Hey David!
Wow! thank you so much for your help and advice, I really appreciate that 😊"
- LS 15 Feb 2019

IRD Manukau: of a clients long standing debt resolution:
"Thank you for your efforts in getting the information through to me and the measures  you’ve put in place to get back on track. I wish you all the best with the business and family."

Evening, David,
I'm happy to proceed, please advise what documents and Information you require. Thank you for providing a clear and thorough explanation of the fees and services.
Kind regards, AL 31 JANUARY 2024

You are the superior support system, when the book keeper makes mistakes, or doesnt understand what they’ve done to create an issue
ILL 25 May 23

“I just want to say thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you for the countless hours you have put in, thank you for sacrificing your family’s time just to see me through me. Thank you for the faith you have shown in me, thank you for all your accounting advice, thank you for all the medical remedies you have given me through out this year when I have fallen sick, thank you for sharing your vast knowledge of media entertainment of which we are both enthusiasts. Just a big thank you for anything that I may have missed out.”
Jason OTL.21 June 22

“Hi Dave,
Just confirming I appeared in the High Court this morning. I explained the matter had been resolved the matter was to be discontinued no issue as to costs - that was all confirmed - this court proceeding is now at an end.
Great work on behalf of your client he should be very pleased with the result.”
23 June 22. David Weaver. Noted Tax Barrister

“Thanks very much David.Truely a good human”
29 June 22. MVH

"After engaging you to resolve all my financial woes, this is all now making sense to me.
This is what I needed 5 years ago. Thanks David.
Jason, 18 Sept 21

"Hi Dave,
Thank you once again for your advice much appreciated!"
IS 27 Aug 21

"Many thanks David Thanks for all your help"
Joyce, 6 Aug 21

"Awesome thank you, I appreciate the work you are doing for me"
KHK 16 Jun 21

Your the best...ever! thank you so much"
CH 9 Jun 21

"Hi Dave,
Excellent work. I am really happy with the result."
AK 25 May 21"

"Hi Dave
Thank you for your encouraging words always you are the best!"
SI 14 May 21

"Hi David thanks so much for all your hard work and efforts you know I really am grateful mate, I would be screwed with out you."
MKKL 22 Mar 21

"Really appreciate the time you have put into this and what you have produced for me. There has been a huge amount of growth and systems put in place because of you. Thanks so much."
- MAH 8 Oct 20

"You’re an awesome man, thanks for everything. I’m super lucky I’ve got you in my front line" 23 Sept 20

"Thank you, David. No doubting your expertise!" 19 Sept 20

"We would like to take this time to thank you for all that you have done for Active Traffic Control over the past two years, and on a personal note a sincere thank you from Floyd and Myself for what you have done for us and the company."
- F and T Kaihau 14 Jan 2019

"Thank you for the inspirational words of wisdom for the Christmas break.
Thank you for the work you have done for us these last years."
- D and M 23 Dec 2018

"Thanks David
And Merry Xmas to you and your family. Again, thanks for all your amazing help."
- LM 23 Dec 2018

"Thank you gratefully, your wisdom and knowledge along with your kindness has motivated me more to get through this. Thanks David, we appreciate it very much."
- Jesse 21 Aug 2018

"Thanks Dave.
I Appreciate your straight words, exactly what I need at this point of time. So Thank you."
- FMD 29 Aug 2018

Here's what one leading tax barrister told a client 14 Nov 2018: 
"I highly recommend that you engage the services of David Clark from FAL who will be in a position to submit a tax debt relief application. Realistically this is the only way forward short of having judgement entered....... and then bankruptcy proceedings follow."

"You’re a bloody legend thank you"
- LL 11 Jun 2018

Dave: it’s been a pleasure – thank you for your patience and continued help."
- Inland Revenue Manukau - 27 Sept 2018

"Hi Dave,
Thank you for your efforts and expert advice, I highly appreciate all that you have done for me."
- IS 14 Aug 2018

"Morning David just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help with everything and I'm lucky to have you as my accountant, cheers for end of year tax returns, regards"
- Clint 7 Aug 2018

"Thank you for being my awesome accountant, much appreciated. Regards"
- Estelle 6 Aug 2018

"I know you do a superb job of keeping my tax down"
- Wendy 13 Jul 2018

"Once again thanks very much for your efforts on my accounts Dave and all great advice you have given me, appreciate it big time.
- Miles 16 May 2018

"Thank you so much for you and your teams efforts on this mate, I appreciate all the work and support you give me."
- Jon 22 Feb 2018

"Your help and support has been invaluable this year, I truly thank you."
- JS 22 Dec 2017

"I just wanted to send a personal thank you to David and the team at FAL Consultants.
Until I came on board with you, my accounts etc were all over the place as you know and everything was a mess and thank to you, it is no longer. I believe that with your help and advice, I have been able to grow my business to the next level in the past year, I really cannot thank you enough and I really appreciate all that you have done for me."
- SWS 18 Dec 2018