Our expertise

We have been representing New Zealanders with tax debt and disputes for for 18 years plus. We are well experienced in dealing with IRD, and our testimonials and victories “pages” reflect just that.

Most accountants have no real or practical knowledge relative to tax investigations, prosecutions, or investigations, liquidations or bankruptcies. We do. Our knowledge of tax law and case history is broad and wide ranging. – we’re very experienced in dealing with the IRD and are good at what we do. This does not necessarily mean “combatant” confrontations with IRD, as we have seen from some of our peers. We work carefully and skilfully to reach a solution.

We use specialised tax barristers to assist with all High Court matters and guidance as required.

Our case histories reflect a very positive outcome. Each case we deal with is personal to the situation/person/company/business at hand.

How do I get in trouble with the IRD?

Taxpayers are obliged to know all of their responsibilities…indeed all of the laws that relate to tax. Many people ( as we have experienced) use unskilled bookkeepers, or accountants, or do their own books. People can be prosecuted for various ‘tax evasion’ acts or errors, these include, common examples include:

  • Not declaring all income earned.
  • Failure to file tax returns.
  • Employers failing to pay for PAYE deductions.
  • Claiming expenses when there is no entitlement.
  • Incorrectly filing GST returns for refunds
  • Failing to pay tax

Get great accounting advice at the start

Often clients come to us already facing court dates/prosecutions /proceedings brought on by IRD.

We engage immediately with IRD once we measure the situation, put a plan in place and often broker an arrangement or agreement which will stop Court matters or adjourn until we deliver to IRD a well structured plan and the reasons why the problem came about. Believe it or not, many cases are the direct result of bad accounting!

Who do we help?

We help small, medium, or large businesses with tax arrears, irrespective of tax issues or where you are situated in NZ. This includes sole traders, partnerships, and companies.

How did I get into this mess?

Almost all of our clients come to us on referral. All have had the same bad accounting experience. Often the client has never seen or approved of GST or tax returns. Our goal is full transparency, and every aspect of the tax issues are laid out in plain English and explained carefully so you understand. Often years go by, and the client has never had an update or otherwise from the accountant

Get Great Accounting Advice at the Start

When you are served by Inland Revenue you feel like your world has ended. That’s normal. You are now in a world completely alien to you. Once we have engaged and briefed you on all that we can, we will explain all aspects of the situation. We will calm things down and get straight to work.

How much will it cost me?

We will quote you a fixed fee, or a monthly fee depending on what we are to do. We require an engagement letter which sets out what we are to do, what the costs may be as discussed and what ongoing costs might be. This all depends on the level of work needed. There is also a terms agreement which are standard for most accountants. Naturally, as an “old school” accountant this is a journey for both of us, and integrity over high charges is always paramount. We also are genuinely interested in resolution and to successfully conclude the task at hand. This is a reward we always seek.

Can I deal with this myself?

Unless you have the required skills and background, short and simple: no.

If you do and let’s say you are responding to questions after being summonsed by IRD and you get an answer wrong, you can face criminal prosecution!

What is needed from me?

There are lots of issues as to why you end up with tax problems. It could be Covid 19 related, you have had really bad advice, your might be overleveraged, or owe to much on HP’s and overdrafts. You may have taken out more money than has gone into the business.

Or you simply thought you were doing the right thing because a friend or associate reckons they know the rules.

Marital and family issues are often in the mix, health and stress, and disability. Take for example the not unfamiliar condition of dyslexia.

What else do you provide?

Education is paramount and compliance education is a general requirement from IRD. What this means is you know the rules, what to file, when to file, when to pay. Naturally ongoing support and accounting services help to steer you in the right direction and our huge range of skills means you can tap into our knowledge base for the future.

We are always available and will always support our clients. It is a bit like partnership.

Not sure? Please read our client testimonials.

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