20 April 2015 GST written off $25748.44 and Income tax (penalties) $50.00

This was a local educational mentoring company that got behind, and the results were a real mess with prosecution looming spanning two companies and the owner. A referral from a tax barrister lead the client to us and we made a number of submissions for write off and relief and arranged a payment relationship, which the client was able to quickly discharge. As overseas travel was involved significantly for the client, having here company liquidated and her placed in bankruptcy would have had disastrous consequences.

At the same time we also submitted personal submissions for personal tax woes the business owner had and we were successful in having $8205.93 in Income tax and WFF written off.

The last of this triumvirate (per se) was the clients other company, in equally as perilous a state. We successfully had $14723.80 in GST written off.

Total savings $48728.17

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